Gold-Star🎇PRIVACY STANDARDS: Don't kiss and tell

Gold-Star Privacy Standards is my *DON'T KISS & TELL* policy.

I won't ​​tell and neither should you. My services are for ULTRA-PRIVATE gentlemen who are too busy to write reviews on boards like TER. They have a healthy understanding of the real-world and want an experience to match that.

First-time INCALL Home-base Visitors should understand the need to keep my home-base private incall space, well... private. Be prepared to meet in a public place near me before moving to my secret spot. Return patrons can enjoy the privilege of coming directly to me after confirming our booking.

When I'm touring and staying in hotels my preference is for you to text when about 30 minutes away then call when you arrive at the hotel. It's better for you to wait in your car for the room number instead of coming into the hotel. I'll provide the same courtesy when coming to your hotel or home.

OUTCALL Bookings

For outcall to a hotel I insist you provide the full-name and matching room number on the reservation. Your basic information will be kept PRIVATE, and treated the way I would like mine to be treated; with the utmost care and respect. Upon arrival at your hotel my first goal is to maintain the lowest profile while quietly slipping directly into your room.

Referral Etiquette

In my professional opinion, referrals are an outdated, unreliable, and time consuming way to vet potential clients so I neither to request references before our date nor provide them after. What's more, I'm an ultra private person hesitant to give out sensitive information to someone I've never met before. Hopefully you are the same.

You'll not receive uninitiated phone calls or texts from me. I'll always wait for you to book online or text for a booking first.

Respect is fully displayed when we observe each-other's boundaries in action and truth.

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