Benefits for Return Patrons: enhancing your experience

Enhance your DC GFE experience... Susanna DC Treat

With the awkwardness of a first-meet out of the way returning friends can enjoy benefits unvailable to first time visitors. I am someone who appreciates the smile in the eyes of a familiar face which transfers into perks for you. Some of these advantages include:

  • Safety and security assured

  • More relaxed setting leads to sexual openness

  • Shorter-notice meetings (within an hour)

  • Come directly to me, no need to meet in a public place

  • Ability to communicate desires more freely

  • Overnights/Travel assured

  • Home visits assured

More relaxed setting leads to sexual openness With your safety and security assured and the stress of of blind-date done, your body and mind can settle in for a deeper inner and outer experience. An unconcerned mind is primed for sexual excitement. It is optimized to fantasize, seek out variety, is curious, and can sense better in body and emotions. If you tend to be more traditional or conventional in your thinking and looking for ways to increase your openness to experiences then this is the thing for you.

Come to me on short-notice After looking on my calendar and seeing if I am available, return patrons are privileged to request a booking within an hour. I will try my best to work with you but know on some occasions it is not possible. You will not be disappointed for the most part because I am great a keeping my online calendar up-to-date.

First time visitor are eligible for SAME DAY appointments with a

2-hour notice



Evening 8pm-11pm set by 5pm

Early Morning 7am-10am, set by 5pm the evening before


After we get to know one another better in our first face-to-face date we can better decide if you would like me to come to your home. This services are unvailable to first time visitors for my own comfort, security, and privacy. If you have never seen me and would like me to come to you then a hotel is your only option.

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