How to Tell FAKE ESCORT ADS and Fake Escorts: REAL Escorts do IT better than web-scammers

You can easily tell the real from the fake when it comes to escorts as well as escort ads. I am a real-life escort in Washington DC & Northern Virginia, and hackers have hijacked my real ads and phone number to misguide people. These fakers and ad hijackers want your MONEY. Don't give these scammers the time of day. Scammers work best when masquerading and copying what actual providers do. Escorts who misrepresent what they look like and what their services entail are also a stain on the industry. But first you need to know how to tell the difference.

Genuine escorts want to be found by genuine clients and set themselves apart online in lots of ways if you just know what to look for:

  • Real escort ads are up-to-date with specific details, especially details of how you should approach them for a date

  • Genuine escorts have more than one or two clear photos, or a link to another ad or website with multiple clear photos and up-to-date information

  • Professional providers operate locally and if touring advertise specific dates

  • Independant high-end escorts avoid sexual conversations before meeting genuine clients

Red flags for fake escorts and scam ads typically include:

  • Blurry photos like the one you see here to the right from a slimy scam site that stole my real ad then blurred the photos

  • Broken links to unrelated websites

  • Deleted email accounts

  • Disconnected phone number

  • Only one or two photos

  • The same photo listed all over country with no specific dates

  • The provider is too good looking to be true, offering everything you want for the cheapest price while taking your credit info for a deposit

  • Poor spelling and grammar with no or little written text

  • Sex-talk by email used to incite emotions to get your credit-card number

Fake Google search listings written by scammers also mislead people to pages that are not the same as listed on the search. Leave these sites immediately to save yourself grief. Take a look at the following FAKE Google listing that includes my old phone number with other providers: steals providers phone numbers is FAKE This link takes you to a scam site. You will not find my ad anywhere on this page and never will.

Bait-and-switch escort

Here's a step-by-step example of how it's done

Let's start with this complaint a guy wrote about bait-and-switch action in my hometown Washington DC. You can see it for yourself on

Step 1

Don't believe the first thing you read. This is the first step because it is the most important.

Step 2

Check the links and phone number. I found the link to the Eros ad is no longer active, however the phone number has one viewable ad associated

Step 3

Go to the ad and read it for clues of being a Genuine Escort or Red Flag... as I did... and found the following red flags on the ad referenced in the rip-off-report:

  • Little information about the provider

  • No specific details about how to approach for a date, ie: appropriate times to call

  • No text or email options. Rememeber, genuine escorts want to be found by genuine clients.

There are probably more red flags I can find, but why waste my time? I already have four, including the glarring red warning from a guy online. This took me all of two (2) minutes to do this. Again, you can go to the scam ad and see for yourself. You many not have the same opinion. But this guy went to the trouble to warn people, and I must agree. I cannot prove anything. But if it was my money, I would hold onto my cash based on the red flags alone.

FAKE ADS from scam site

Avoid the scam site

I Googled my number and found fake ads with stolen content in the top three spots all associated with an unauthorized site. I have made several requests for them remove my content without response. The monkey uses a program called a photo ripper to steal ALL images from a site where I advertise, so many other providers are continually affected by this scam.

Once you involve yourself with these scammers there are lots of different ways they will try to hook your money deeper in ways that are too numerous to list here. If you pay attention to a few signs you will continue to get better at detecting scammers with time.

If you have been affected by a scam I'd like to hear about it in the comments section below. Exposing and sharing these experiences in a common community brings a good sense of a positive hobbying community.

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