Avoiding Arrest... while getting satisfied by an escort

"It's not prostitution officer..."

Regular people on the street don't want to be exposed to the blight of blatant public prostitution, especially in front of minors. With more providers using the internet and staying indoors prostitution related arrests have declined significantly. This is mostly because people don't care what happens between two consenting adults if it remains indoors.

Risk mitigation is absolutely necessary when undertaking an escort adventure. This article will deal mostly with fears of getting arrested for hiring an escort. There are ways to ease that first-meeting fear without having to join review boards, or make crazy requests to providers to help you ease your fear. Why not try a little online research to see prostitution arrests in the US have declined by more than 60% (maybe more) since 2002. Better yet, search the internet news for "john stings" or "prostitutions arrests" in the area you are looking to find a provider.

The trend for "John-Stings" is meant to alarm and for prevention but overall they are NOT an everyday thing police do. Understanding these stings might help you avoid certain situations while ultimately keeping you safe and easing your fears.

In general, cities and hotels don't want it known they're having problems with prostitution. They will look the other way unless there are complaints. Have you ever heard of a hotel sting being conducted at a Ritz Carlton? I haven't. That said, there are a few self-righteous sheriff's who enjoy the attention and status of loudly saying "NO" to prostitution in their counties. The top offenders are:

Cook County, Illinois

Polk County, Florida

This Sheriff from Cook County, Illinois fancies himself a leader in the "crusades" against prostitution. He's the spearhead of The National Johns Suppression Initiative. His newest scheme is to employ bots in prostitution stings.

Polk County's sheriff looks like a sweet grandpa but beware the wolf with rosey cheeks and perfect teeth. His passion and pleasure is to create elaborate spreadsheets of the mugshots of those he bites.

STINGS nowadays occur for four (4) main reasons:

(1) Multiple complaints at Hotels, especially low budget

(2) Complaints on Massage Parlors, especially Asian

(3) Street Prostitution Complaints

(4) Child Sex Exploit/Trafficking

Are you involved in one of these? If not then stop worrying so much.

Hotels... especially those in smaller conservative towns are more challenging. They tend to notice more what's happening. Smaller towns have fewer options for hotels and most are low budget. Hotels with prostitution problems will give money to police to conduct a sting. These have to be major problems, for example gangs of guys and girls in multiple rooms with a lot of foot traffic, so try checking crime records or related news stories for the hotel online before you go.

When doing your online research for news about john-stings make note of the city, hotel, and method law enforcement (LE) used to arrest people. It will usually involve either a small town, a seedy hotel, cut-rate escort ads, and sketchy dating sites like skipthegames.com, and most likely all three.

If you are stuck in a smaller town and want a date, try finding a high-end escort in a larger neighboring town that willing to travel directly to you. There will be an added price for your convenience, security, and satisfaction but it will be worth every penny.

Criminal Defense Attorney Benjamin Theule explains how law enforcement set up an online prostitution sting.

This attorney says "(Police) are trying to gather as much information as possible: talking about price, talk about sex acts, talk about meeting at a hotel." This is a MAJOR reason why real escorts do not discuss your requests if you have never met before. When an alleged escort is willing to discuss things explicitly then be wary. It could be a trap set by police or a scammer. Click here to read my blog "How to Tell FAKE ESCORTS"

Asian Massage Parlours (AMP & AAMP)

Few things in America get the general public more worked up than human-sex -slaves and human-trafficking because they are the current buzz-words US politicians use to futilely try and kill the sex industry. Money-making massage parlor machines can sometimes have noticeable foot traffic that is bothersome to neighbors. But sometimes everyone knows, "That's the rub-n-tug place that has been there for decades" and no one cares. Why? It's all about the way you behave in the setting you are in. It's the same for any business, where some have integrity there are others who take advantage of people and the system.

As you can see from this line-up the focus for arrests for this type of sting is the business itself and not so much the poor unsuspecting clients who get caught up in that moment. This group from Lake Charles Louisiana was operating out of 6 different locations. That's a cash cow for a cash strapped county.

Asian massage parlors are easy targets and suffer more stings because they are stable known places, with a lot of foot traffic, where foreign women work. Sad but true.

Street prostitution affects businesses and nearby residences who form community action committees that donate money to police for stings. This kind of drag-net is not regularly funded in police budgets, especially in smaller towns. Police use a female decoy to interact with you on the street of concern. You do not need to do anything sexual or pay her money for them to charge you, and later prove solicitation. There has always been good-ole street prostitution of all genders in Washington DC's Logan Circle, and around K &12th. The police regularly run stings about once or twice a year as an offering and atonement to the citizens who complain. They would like to think it scares away the world's oldest profession, yet they readily realize and admit it never works. But the public complains so they have to do something.

Child Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking is one of the worst things to be arrested for because the inmates will be more unforgiving than the legal system if they find out. Law enforcement present themselves as under-aged online. Solicitation of a minor online is a crime and you don't need to do anything more to get in deep trouble. Just leave the minors alone and you'll be safer. Here's a good example of a recent bust in New Jersey called “Operation Screen Capture,” a joint operation launched in response to a dramatic increase in reports of potential threats to children from online predators during the coronavirus pandemic.

Click on the photo to link to the article

Pretty heavy stuff... but we got through it and I am glad you are still here reading because there are a couple more important things...


AVOID interacting with providers who abuse drugs for more successful risk-mitigation and less police interaction. I am not talking about casual drug use. Drug abuse in my opinion involves a person using drugs to the point where they do not notice they are abusing their body and it shows, or if they notice they do not care. Here is good recent example of street prostitution bust in Jacksonville Florida.

"Police said the bust spanning several neighborhoods...

was in response to complaints from people who live in those areas."

Click on the photo to link to the article

Click on the photo to link to the article

These people do not prioritize their health, are reckless with their own spirit, and tend draw drama and attention to themselves. Police and other law enforcement are more vigilant and deliberate at arresting providers who are also involved in drug crimes. Why are these particular prostitutes not paying attention to being discreet? Drugs and alcohol seem to lower those discretionary inhibitions. Besides, you don't want a beautiful moment with a gorgeous girl who cannot think straight.

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