Going Braless: The Bra is a Burqa for My Nipples

Bras are binding and cut circulation.

Bras leave red marks and welts.

Bras are hot & heavy.

Bras are expensive.

Bras cause breasts to sag.

Bras trap dirt and sweat that can sometimes lead to skin problems.

Bras misshape and hide the natural beauty of the breast and nipple.

So... why do I wear a bra all day, everyday?

Why after years am I just now questioning why?

My early childhood memories of Mom and Nana nude and with lingerie include the bra as a promiment feature. I understood without being told from the beginning it was for modesty. I deduced this because bras in the past made breasts look weird, were ugly, hard to get on, and looked uncomfortable in my opinion. Why would a woman wear a bra the makes her breasts look worse? If a woman is wearing a binding and ugly piece of material to cover one of her best features there can be only one other reason why in my mind: MODESTY.

Once I grew into a sexual woman I was no longer modest yet continued to wear bras once styles and comfort changed.

My fetish for LACE and silk began with the soft and delicate feel and touch of the contents in my Mom's secret drawer, not so very secret right next to her bed. She kept her sexy undies separate from her everyday ones. I realized my own fetish once I started shopping for my own lingerie. I also figured out women of different sizes and shapes can benefit from the support. Yet for me, I felt no physical need for a bra. I liked them for their variety, and my ancestors were whispering in my ear, "You need to wear it everyday for modesty's sake."

"I feel as if I have been brainwashed into a bra-wearing-cult for my entire life up to now, and there is no way out. "

I would probably also wear a burqa, niqab, hijab, or whatever culture I was born into as well. Judging by the way women are treated in some muslim sects... I would also want to hide from those men under a full burqa.

Yet there are still many times I do not want to wear a bra but feel obligated to. Why? I wear bras when I do not want to in order to hide my nipples from men and women alike. I wear a bra to fit in and not draw attention to myself. I listen to my ancestors to prevent public eyes from whispering behind my back. I wear a bra to prevent creepy stalkers from following me. I wear a bra to prevent my image from being posted randomly online. I wear a bra for the same reason religious women wear head and body coverings of all types: for MODESTY. Modest? Me?

Today I prefer to go braless as much as possible. I never wear a bra or

underwear when lounging around in my place. If my clothes cover well I do not wear a bra in public. I wear tank tops under sheer tops. So far it has worked out well. I have not heard any complaints, even from my Mom or Nana. Mostly I feel lots better because I can breath. When I can breath I feel free.

Freedom leads to a state of mind that anything is possible. Men with a fetish for wearing women's lingerie could also benefit from freedom in this regard.

Finally, I do not want to disparage all bras. I love to wear lacey lingerie for a sensual rendezvous. I still have a fetish for lingerie, corsets, thigh highs and high heels. My appetite for those has only grown;-))

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