So... you want a dating relationship with an escort?

You are ambitious to consider pursuing a relationship with an escort.

The sex industry is a vast wonderland of adult playtime staffed with thousands of happy and beautiful people whose need for love is no less than yours. So, YES, It is totally possible to get involved with one of them. Finding your match will be difficult, and just as much fun. The pursuit is the easy part because it requires no commitments, and is not as mentally challenging. You can only realize the amount of mental work it will take once the daily reality of escort life envelops you.

Get ready for a ride...

"The affair will surely expose parts of your naked inner-self you never knew."

Once exposed you will have mental work dealing with your own neglected and possibly repressed sexuality. You will be challenged to change some of your ideas about how things should be. Are you interested in looking at the world from a very different perspective than yours? Are you ready to make some breaks with long held beliefs? If so, then you must also ask yourself one more thing, "Am I ready financially?"

"You must also be prepared to joyfully take part in your treasured escort's financial support for the rest of your relationship."

Let's get this white elephant out of the room now...

If your situation changes and she has to provide for needs and luxuries you previously used to because you went bankrupt then it will only be a matter of time before she leaves. You don't have to like it. The truth doesn't care if you like it. So make sure your funds are in-line and don't promise more than you can deliver. It's a hard reality you need to accept before we move on. Money is the measure of your love to an escort. Greedy and stingy men are not invited to audition for the boyfriend part. If this is off-putting then a relationship with an escort is not for you. Move on to Plenty of Fish or Match. So if you think you have the mental fortitude and wherewithal then you are ready for the pursuit.

How do you date an escort?

This is how it's done. This from my personal experience

and books like the Kama Sutra & other sex workers blogs and tweets


You will have to visit the object of your desire a few times and ask some

questions before you decide to go head-over-heels. You can find women on various advertising sites for sex-workers. Sugar-daddy dating sites are good too.

Don't violate any of her boundaries and meet all her requirements without complaint when you set your first appointment. Your beloved will of course need time as well to enjoy and be endeared to your intelligent, sparkling, and funny personality. Few have the chutzpah work up to an approach. They are self-defeated. So don't be that guy. Let rejection be your teacher and friend. You lose nothing by being rejected on the approach, and can gain some insight and experience. Just be straight forward. Here are examples of what I think are appropriate ways to ask an escort out:

"I am very interested in you. I know we met in an unconventional way. I don't want to change you. I love everything about you."

"I have strong feelings for you. You are a happy and beautiful woman. Seriously."

"I want to date you with the understanding I will take care of your needs and luxuries."

"There are a lot of fun things I'd like for us to do together outside of this."

"There are no expectations here. Time with you is enjoyable and I want to spend more. You are welcome to be exactly you and come and go as you like."

You don't really need to say more than that. Make your best offer and see where it goes while being open to negotiating, and re-negotiating with gentle love. You only need to pique her interest for one date to wedge yourself in.


So you got your first date and you are super-duper excited. Maybe you feel like you just won the lottery. Lots of feelings and ideas for your relationship may begin to creep in. Remember to take it one day at a time by focusing on your happiness in the present moment. How is that done?

Living in the present moment is state-of-mind that is a skill aquired with practice over time. Some of the practices involve killing expectations. Instead, fill your day with shared smiles and laughter. Those moments are timeless. Give your precious provider room for expression without condemnation. Plan to love and respect one-another one interaction at a time.

Planning for a vacation is okay, but planning your wedding after your first date is not taking it one day at a time. When you have collected a number of days together to look back on you will smile at the garden of love you have grown under your feet without thinking about it. History is made one day at a time. We cannot create it in advance. We must wait for it to evolve and reveal itself.



10. Don't expect hot sessions served on a sexual buffet everyday.

9. Don't imagine yourself as her rescuer, or offer unsolicited advice about how to do her job better.

8. Don't give her permission to see clients or date other men. It was never yours to give in the first place. She did not need your permission before you met her. You are not her daddy.

7. Don't take revenge or become a creepy stalker if things don't work out. Escorts know what they like and will let you know quickly if things aren't working so you will not waste too much time. Let it go and try again.

6. Don't talk about your sex-worker's private life as an escort to ANYONE unless they EXPLICITLY ask you to. And on a related note: Don't talk about your sex-life with your partner with ANYONE unless it is agreed upon.

5. Don't forget your escort partner's work involves an element of risk that you must fully understand and not underestimate. You must be willing to accept and aid if neccessary. You may be the first know and closest to help.

4. Don't hope for or make demands for her money. Escorts are used to being spoiled. The ones who are available to date will wait for the upgrade.

3. Don't be controlling. No one likes that.

2. Don't be jealous. Period. If you are the jealous type you are not allowed to ask for details about her rendezvous'. Better yet, find ways to rid yourself of those feelings. Work through your own emotions without burdening your partner. No jealousy can exist in a relationship with an escort. On the other hand, if the thought of your girlfriend fucking strange men for money makes your cock hard then an escort can possibly be a great match for you.

1. Don't try to change her. If you remember anything I have said, remember this above all else. If she decides to continue on the path she was when you met, then you should be nothing less than thrilled to support her decision with enthusiasm.

"So that's how to date an escort successfully."

Approach your object of desire thoughtfully, with intent and seriousness. If she is willing then create your sanctuary one day at a time. From my perspective, the ideal relationship would be one in which I expect to remain tenaciously independant while keeping a regular companion. This person will above all else be my best friend. Friends are people who take time to listen, and are dependable and trustworthy. You must sincerely have the desire and capacity to truly love an escort unconditionally in order to enjoy the time you have together. My partner and lover will also provide things I need and luxuries I desire, without expecting anything in return. We will both give room for the relationship to breath and see what waiting brings. One day at a time we will offer love and sanctuary for one another from the rest of the world.

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