Sexually Transmitted Infections are Not Only for the Promiscuous ("Let's Get Tested")

The number-one fear gripping men thinking of an escort adventure is not cops, it's sexually transmitted infections (STI). Deciding sex is worth some risk doesn't make you stupid, but being unaware of the risks does. Before we go any further, and I completely scare the shit out of you, I want you to accept that LIFE is sexually transmitted. Also, for those who want exta health assurance for an escort adventure I offer a "Let's Get Tested" option which I will talk about later.

Clients who have STI conversations with me have been totally clueless about STI's in general. What they don't understand is: you do not have to be promiscuous to get a STI. Hence, most of their fear comes from a lack of knowledge. So I thought I'd share a few things you should know about STI's here.

Sexually transmitted diseases are passed around... well... sexually, of course. However, some assume that only means by vaginal or anal intercourse. Those are two sexual ways that best transmit STI's to a new host. Really any time you swap body fluids with another human-being and they have a STI then you are at risk of downloading that virus. This is especially true if there are any breaks in your skin or theirs. So yes, it is totally possible to get an STI from a deep-french-kiss.

Being able to have open conversations about this stuff comes naturally to me because I am a health-nut. Additionally, my income depends on my ability to look, feel, and be healthy. Health is obviously a priority for me and I hope it is for you too. Where would we be without our health? So let's talk some more about different kinds of STI's and their symptoms.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) &

Acquired Immune Deficiancy Syndrome (AIDS)

If your proposed escort is not a gay male, using needles for heroine, or does not sleep with gay men and getting anally fucked by them then you're chances of getting HIV are much less. HIV/AIDS is incurable, and can lead to a slow and painful death. In the US, 78-percent of new HIV cases involve either gay/bisexual men (mostly African American), and drug users who share needles. The number one mode of transportation is ANAL SEX. The chances of getting HIV also decrease with age.

HIV/AIDS is the worst case scenario for STI's. The most common HIV symptoms in men include:

  • Body rash

  • Fever

  • Sore throat

  • Severe headaches

Less common HIV symptoms in men in this stage include:

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue

  • Ulcers in the mouth

  • Ulcers on the genitals

  • Night sweats

  • Vomiting

  • Muscle aches and joint pain

During the acute HIV stage symptoms last one to two weeks

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1 & HSV-2)

Most individuals infected with HSV never have symptoms, some only have mild symptoms mistaken for another skin condition, while others can be severe. There is no cure for HSV. You will always be infected. HSV symptoms include:

  • fever,

  • body aches

  • swollen lymph nodes

  • headache.

  • lesions like vesicles appear 2-12 days after infection

  • Painful ulces appear after vesicles break lasting 2-4 weeks

  • small blisters, on or around the genitals, rectum or mouth

The first outbreak is the worst. There is a higher risk of infecting others during this time. Recurrent outbreaks are common. Symptoms of recurrent outbreaks are less severe than the first outbreak and decrease over time. You may not ever see or feel any affects but you will always be infected nonetheless. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), "Genital herpes is a common STD, and most people with genital herpes infection do not know they have it."

African-Americans are disproportionately affected by HSV.

Other Common STI's :

  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) - Health problems resulting from HPV are less common in men. Most HPV infections clear up on their own within 2 years (some sooner, or longer). There is no other cure than time. HPV lives in mucous membranes, including the mouth, and can be transmitted with a deep-french-kiss. In most cases HPV goes away on its own and does not cause any health problems. Those with lower immune systems are at risk for harboring HPV longer, and when it does not go away it can cause genital warts that can become cancerous. Males with an increased risk for getting HPV-related health problems include those who are uncircumcised, have weak immune systems (ie: due to HIV or organ transplant), and men who engage in anal sex or sexual activity with other men.

Okay, I don't want to overwhelm because it is a lot to take in, and there is so much more to know and learn. So here are some helpful links for more reading on:

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Syphilis - CDC Fact Sheet

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Incidence, Prevalence, & Cost of Sexually Transmitted Infections United States

Genital Herpes Simplex 2

STILL WORRIED? Then "Let's Get Tested"

Finally, for those who are seriously concerned about getting an STI from an escort I provide a service called "Let's Get Tested"

Using this ultra-private, at-home STI test is easy. We must take it together at a neutral location if we have never met before. Returning friends can come to my private location. Clients must pay for TWO tests, one for both of us, as well as my fee for administering the test ($300) +plus shipping ($50). The total cost depends on which test kit you prefer. Results are FAST. The kit ships the next day after we order it and I will also ship it back overnight.

STD Kit Options from iDNA:

click on the photo to link to iDNA STD Kits

This kit is completely private because you do not have to give all your info to a lab or healthcare provider. No one will catch you walking into a medical office for bloodwork. Forget waiting rooms and awkward conversations. This test is HIPAA-compliant for testing & reporting. The results are retrieved via private login, no app needed, and can be deleted anytime. ENJOY your life responsibly today and always.

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