How I Became a Sex Worker

On the Potomac in Old Town Alexandria

Sexuality was taught as something natural to me by my mother beginning in kindergarten. That education affirmed in me a sense of sexual freedom. It wasn't until after my college education did I turn my attention to another sort of learning, one a little more sensual and even taboo: sex work

After college my work put me amongst attorneys and some of those were also in politics, or academia, or both. After a few years in the field I became close friends off-the-clock with one of the attorneys. He was a respectful gentleman but I was not attracted to him beyond friendship until he made a most indecent proposal asking, "Can I be your sugar daddy?"

When that proposition was made I had zero idea what he was asking so I had to ask him, "What's that?" As my attorney friend explained the deal my eyes widened with wisdom passed down to me in that intimate and ephemeral moment. I quickly decided without hesitation being a sugar-baby would be something I would like to try.

Our sugar relationship lasted only a couple months before my daddy disappeared into thin air. But before that happened he told me, "There are websites, like dating sites, where you can find other sugar daddies after me." I thought that was very Casanova of him to look out for my future since he had no plans to stay. So I soon found a popular sugar-daddy website and got immediately addicted. It was my first and last stop for dating for a while.

My initial idea was to find just one person I could connect with who was local. It quickly became apparent men for the most part were looking for no-strings-attached, or NSA. So I happily adjusted and continued my search until I found some great sex, friends, and money. After a couple years of bouncing on dating sites I became frustrated by a sense that a growing number of men were playing salty games with the sugar so I started looking into other options.

A lot of research went into my final decision to post an online escort ad that could be seen around the world. The beginning of of my sex-work adventure was exciting and a little scarry mostly because it was new and unknown. I'm glad the first year was slow enough to give me time to learn, settle in, be safe, and not be so nervous. It was not easy but worth taking the time to learn everything I could about the business. Building my own website also took a few months.

Good fortune, intuition, and little know how have kept me free from con artists, aggressive people, disrespectful people, and generally anyone who seeks to harm or take advantage. The men in my area are health conscious as well as drug and disease free. It is my pleasure to meet the gentlemen in my area.

If you came here hoping to find juicy details about my first date with a client you are sadly out of luck because that would violate my "Gold-Star Privacy Standards: Don't kiss and tell." Overall I have enjoyed my experiences in this lifestyle. Hopefully there will be more in the future. I am not looking forward to retiring any time soon. The days when I had to come home sore from being on my feet all day will never be forgotten. I sincerely appreciate my clients and am grateful for having found work that is enjoyable, meaningful, and provides me with some financial stability.

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