ESCORT SCREENING: What are Providers Looking For?

The struggle between clients who don't want to give information, and escort/providers who require some screening or other vetting is REAL. This conflict comes because client and escort are simultaneously prioritizing their own safety and privacy first, as we all should. But, if you're looking to court an escort into a meeting you'll need to have some compassion for the provider and their safety needs, or risk not seeing them at all. This blog will help you understand what escorts are looking for in their vetting, and particularly how I do it. Serious-minded gentleman only need to follow your heart. The mystery and uniqueness of discovering new and interesting people keeps life from getting dull. Meeting someone for the first time is exciting, and partially because it involves some chance and risk.

What's happening when a provider asks for my information or references?

It's not about you. Good providers will have strong boundaries because those processes work to keep them free from time-wasters, at least, and safe from people with seriously bad intentions at best. As I said before, vetting processes are different for every provider. Find out as much as you can online about what the provider needs before contacting. Then, ask yourself first before answering honestly, "Can I meet the provider's request for info?" If the answer is no, then don't contact them at all. If you need to contact them to find out what they need from you before proceeding then do it respectfully without being explicit or vulgar. Remember, each provider has unique ways that work for them. Trust the process. There will always be a risk involved in providing your information. It's a risk you'll need to take if you want the prize so just do it.

What's an escort looking for in the vetting process?

Escorts may have their differences but all can agree on three basic desires that potential clients are: genuine, safe, and respectful. Genuine clients have a seriousness of intent and and are less likely to waste an escort's time. Safe clients are gentle men, not aggressive or crazy in the coconut. Respectful clients communicate well and are instinctively good at compromise.

Why do some providers ask for more info/references and others don't?

The details of how other escorts vet clients is unique to each provider and based on their particular experience. Most will vary in their vetting practices because they have different experiences and because they work independently. It might seem like some have more relaxed vetting because they don't ask for much. In reality, technology advances don't require as much info to get a diamond mine of your info. Additionally, escorts have exceedingly fine-tuned SHIT-DETECTORS. They're gathering information on many different levels.

For example, an escort who takes phone calls may do so because their intuition works better when they can hear someone's voice. I don't take phone calls from people I've never met because I like to go back and see how the conversation flows. It helps my vetting to have that record. My contact preference for text is clearly listed on my ads and website. Yet and still, my phone rings day-and-night. Potential clients won't be blocked for this vetting infraction, but I'll be watching for what's next and it'll be easier to dump them if they continue to violate those or other boundaries.

What if you really want her but don't want to give info?

You already know the answer.... find another escort who has fewer requirements. They're out there. Many escorts don't require personal information or references. Your willingness to complete whatever a provider needs to feel comfortable IS THE VETTING PROCESS. Don't pester and insist on crossing a provider's boundaries. It makes you look bad, is bad for your karma, and will most likely get you blocked. Evasiveness, resistance, or any kind of hesitation on a client's part is a warning to genuine escorts to stay away because they realize these people usually waste their time. Providers save memories of people who waste or try to steal their time. They share those memories online, directly among friends, or in a larger support group, making it harder for people with bad intentions.

What can I do if I am AFRAID of vetting because of "X" (insert excuse here)

Ask yourself, "What am I afraid of?" The three most common responses are: police interaction, blackmail, or rejection. First, there is nothing wrong with rejection so there is no reason to be afraid of it. Providers are not a public service and will reject lots of potential and current clients for various reasons. They are highly private and unique individuals with specific tastes and dislikes which are finely tuned. Don't let a little rejection stop you from finding one that's right for you. It's easier than you think.

Click on this link If you would like to know more about how to "Avoid Arrest while getting satisfied by an escort". As for blackmail, my only suggestion would be to stick with the high-end escorts because they have just as much, or more, to lose than you do. If any part of this process is causing angst within then you should wait for a time when you feel better about it. If that time never comes then don't do it. Being in conflict with yourself is one of the worst places to be and the enjoyment in your session will be diminished as a result.

What is Susanna's vetting process?

I rely on clues you give me from the moment you contact me and every interaction thereafter as part of my vetting process. I can't tell you all what I am looking for or it will spoil the fun ;-)) But mostly I am looking for a gentleman who cares. A gentleman looks like someone who is gentle. He listens deeply with intent to understand others and has enough self-discipline to respect others emotional and physical boundaries consistently with integrity. Any man who does not approach people as a gentleman exposes a RED FLAG.

I wouldn't want anyone as a client who, if they had my personal information, use that info to harm me. My practice is to have the empathy to put myself in my clients shoes when it comes to privacy of information. My vetting process also includes looking for clues that you are a good person overall.

Does Susanna Require or Provide References?

References are not a reliable vetting tool for providers so I neither require them from potential clients nor provide them after our date. In reality, obtaining references is an outdated practice with the advance of technology. Additionally, I've always been a private person hesitant to give out highly sensitive information to someone I've never met before.

Does Susanna Require Proof of ID or Workplace?

Identification and resume is easy to forge. A real ID provides basic info but won't tell me if someone is mentally disturbed, is aggressive, or has serious character flaws. Less concerning for me is law enforcement since I've never been arrested in my entire life. In fact, I find a man in any uniform super sexy.

Do you have any more questions about giving personal information or references to providers? I'd like to hear them in in comments section below.

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