I LOVE SEX TOYS! My favorite toys are ones that WORK.

Any sex toy that gets you aroused, or heightens your arousal/orgasm while remaining safe and healthy is okay in my book. When traveling I go out of my way to find local sex-toy shops where I can explore different materials, makes, and designs. If they work well then I continue buying them online. Yes, I'm the proud owner of a sizeable investment of well-tested SEX TOYS.

Before we get on to my favorite toys let me first say something about my least favorite toys: those that involve batteries and/or electrical cords. These electrically charged sex toys need more attention. Keeping moving parts together especially when traveling is more challenging. There have been several times when my juicy pussy SCREAMED for a battery operated toy that I failed to keep charged, or that leaked charge quickly when stored, or the battery wore out altogether before I was done. That said, there are a few I do like and there are more newer and better electric toys than before. I will continue to try them even if less than before.

Here now is a list of my FAVORITE SEX TOYS in no particular order. They have different uses and are all good for different reasons.


Cock rings make your cock harder for longer. Some may call them *toys* but these things are no joke. After testing different sizes and materials here is a photo of my favorite cock ring sold by California Exotics. Yes, you can find them cheaper on A-zon. This one is a band of silicone with metal inserts. The metal also adds pleasure for the female during vaginal intercourse. The idea is to keep pressure inside the cock. It works well and is safe.

The first documented use of cock rings was in China around 1200 A.D.

where they used the eye-sockets of goats, which can still be purchased today. No, I have not tried the natural version because leather and lashes are harder to clean than silicone and metal which can be sterilized.

Cock rings have evolved to include the testicles for the same reason, to maintain pressure and increase sensitivity. When a man is excited, whether it's sexually or otherwise, the balls have a natural tendency to hike-up into the body cavity for protection. We've learned that hiding and heating your genitals inside the body *decreases* sensitivity. Here is a photo of my favorite ball far. As intimidating as this may look the weighty metal does not hurt, rather increasing pressure by keeping the balls down and out. It's adjustable and can be also used around both cock and balls together.


Anal stimulation can be enjoyed by both sexes, but only men can enjoy the

benefits of prostate massage via the ass-hole. ORGASMS that come with prostate massage (aka MILKING) are reportedly more intense. If you want to know more about milking see my other blog: "GOT MILKING?"

Anal beads are the best option for people who are trying anal stimulation for the first time because they begin tiny and the design allows for greater control. Anal play is less common maybe because of fear of the unknown. Freshmen who want to begin anally experimenting with me find I'm gentle, skillful, knowledgeable, and understanding.


Some don't normally think of LUBE as a sex toy. In fact, many mistakenly think of lube as foreign intervention only for people who are defectively incapable of producing their own. Lube is your best-sex-friend. Don't ever forget that. You can never have too much. Truthfully, I use lube in almost every session especially for fingering. It feels GREAT! My favorite lube is ASTRO-GLIDE X because it's an unscented, tasteless, silicone base.

Along the same lines, a lube syringe is the best way to get a proper amount of

lube up inside the anus. Your bum-hole is more likely to experience micro-tares and suffer damage than a vagina so it's absolutely necessary to use lube for prostate massage and other forms of anal play. The syringe pictured here is about as thick as my pinky finger so no need to worry. You've probably pooped larger shits than that.


Originally developed to overcome moderate erectile dysfunction, penis pumps work well, are safe, and can be used by anyone to help achieve and maintain an erection. Also you can slip a cock-ring on after using the pump to prolong the effects. In my opinion


My favorite toy for masturbation is a glass dildo. Glass is harder, colder, and easier to sanitize in the dishwasher than your average cock. Thinking about my favorite toy makes my pussy wet now. The women I've been with unanimously agree, glass is better used by yourself.

FREEZING a glass dick is another trick to try that will take masturbation to another level. When I first heard this advice from a girlfriend I was skeptical. Then, one icy cold winter day I was super horny but realized I had left my glass friend in my car. My pussy was so hot I decided to take my friends advice for the first time and... boy-oh-boy! It was awesome!


The strap-on I use and recommend is sturdy enough to support both glass and silicone dildos. My pleasure has been finding out how both silicone and glass interact with males and females. Silicone dildos work better in a strap-on. I never use glass in a strap-on without request. If glass is used in a session, my preference is to use it manually.

I'm also into restraints for men and costumes for everyone!

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